Improve Your Bedroom Charm with Bohemian Beds


Normal components for a boho bedroom include a lot of plants and chocolate brown shaded bed. A few dividers in a home can conceal grace and here chose the shades grey for them. Complete a touch of investigating and in the event you have lot of bean bags let the characteristic surface out to play.


  1. Posted by missyvanna, — Reply

    Am I the only one paranoid to store heavy potted plants over my head as I sleep?

  2. Posted by seamonkeykiller, — Reply

    Great way to get shed leaves all over your bed

  3. Posted by ana0071, — Reply

    Imagine the amount of dust in this room.

  4. Posted by davenkakki, — Reply

    Love the lamps with the mirrors behind them for reflection!

  5. Posted by MagicalPeach, — Reply

    The bed is from IKEA, which is way cheaper than the similar bed from Wayfair.

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